Conte crayon on paper – 16.25″ x 19.5″

This self-portrait was an assignment in my Drawing II class at Troy State University. I was not too happy to have to do this, especially since the instructor added the stipulation that the artwork must include symbolism. I don’t usually do works that contain symbolism. Mostly, I focus on realism.

However, after completing the assignment I was pretty happy with the results. It did take a while for me to think of what I would include symbolically. In the end, I decided to add the smoke coming off of my head to represent the stereotype of red heads having a fiery temper. My hair isn’t on fire, just smoldering a little. I have always been quiet and slow to speak, especially when I was younger. To reflect this, I drew my lips laced shut but also put the ends of the laces in my hand symbolizing the fact that I control what I want to say. I don’t often regret my words because I am not quick to speak.

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